Manufacturers Of Fire Extinguishers From India Tell What To Do With Expired Products?

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Manufacturers and suppliers often suggest people to install fire extinguishers at home and office buildings. It should be done everywhere inside galleries, home stairs, near the lift, etc.

Exporters of fire extinguishers in India will explain what to do with expired fire extinguishing products in this article. You will learn the best way to dispose of expired fire extinguishers properly as these can be toxic and dangerous to keep. 

 Learn The Basic

Fire extinguishers have certain types- most commonly used product is the dry chemical extinguisher. Dry extinguishers spray the fire with chemicals that cuts the contact of oxygen and extinguish the fire.

Such type of equipment is used in kitchens most of the time. These equipments are labeled with A-B-C that means they are use on certain materials, electrical fires, and chemical fires.

Carbon dioxide extinguisher is other type of equipment used to combat and control fire by breaking the supply of oxygen. Carbon dioxide extinguishers are usually used in offices, computer labs, chemical factories, and other places.

Foam based extinguisher is the third type of extinguisher used majorly on chemical fires that don't respond to the carbon dioxide or dry chemicals. CO2 based extinguishers are labeled with B-C fires. Foam based extinguishers contain finely powdered sand or metal to smother a fire that is untreatable with other types of extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers get expired after 2-3 years and it is important to dispose them. You need to check your extinguishing equipment to ensure that it can be recharged because there are some extinguishers that can be used for once.

Such extinguishers should not be put inside home trash or dropped into a local trash. You must call sanitation services for this. The professionals will instruct you to dispose these extinguishers in right way.

Ask manufacturers of fire extinguishers in India for sanitation services. Most of them are offering free disposal services to their clients.