The Ultimate Armour To Extinguish Fire is the Fire Hydrant Machinery

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             Fire Hydrant system are one of the most ultimate, efficient and effective means to Fire Extinguish a very large fire that can prove earth-shattering. These are designed chiefly for supplying water for fire fighting. Owing to its penetration capability and accessibility, the fire hydrant system can fight fires from large distances as well as very large reach ability. These are located all through the city with an aim that every building has one voluntarily accessible for its protection. Apart from suppressing fire, fire hydrants also have other functions such as water main flushing offering momentary water service to a property at the time of water main shutdowns. Moreover, the tank trucks and local street sweepers make use of this system and report the utilization of water or use a meter to flush away the sewage lines.
Fire Hydrant Systems- The Extinguish Fire
Fire Hydrant Systems -Veer Fire Services Pvt Ltd

Application of Fire Hydrant Systems

  • Chemicals 
  • Textile
  • Petrochemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Ceramics
  • Metal processing
  • Refineries 
             A fire hydration system comprises of an arrangement of pipe work that is directly connected to the main water supply to give water to all hydrant outlets. These are intended for providing water to the firemen for fighting a fire. In this system the water is discharged to the fire engine structure that is next pumped and finally sprayed over fire. The capacity of such hydrant systems can be based depending on the type of hazard, whether the fire takes place in a commercial building or a residential apartment. Also resting on the exact floor areas and height, the capacity of fire hydrant systems is determined.

Advantage Of using Fire Hydrant Systems

  • Easy and instant availability of water at every place in the premise and at required pressure for fire fighting
  • Quick response during a fire
  • Easy to operate
  • Self dependent
  • Insurance benefits  
    Recognized Fire Hydrant Systems By Veer Fire
    Fire Hydrant Systems By Veer Fire 

It will not be wrong to term a Fire Hydrant System as the ultimate armour to fight fire or referring it as the backbone of a Fire Fighting System. Such systems are indeed mandatory especially in factories,airports, industries, malls and high rise buildings. It consists of a Fire Pump Station, Hydrant Network and Water Tank. These easy to use hydrate systems works wonders in snuffing out fire from large distances. The hydrants produce foam that creates a blanket formation on the fire thereby cutting off the oxygen present in the fire that aids in dropping the flame. Manufactured in strict conformity according to the defined industry norms and standards, the fire hydrant systems are well recognized for their high tensile strength and dimensional accuracy.