How To Prolong Fire Fighting Equipments’ Life

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Fire fighters demand and expectation from their equipments are more as compared to other profession because in case their fire fighting equipments fail to perform during fire mishap, there can be loss of assets and life! However, to ensure proper functioning and prolong their life, we bring few tips that may help them to do so.
Checking equipments regularly will make the task easier. Testing and checking the firefighting gears prior installation can be a great help. Taking too long time for checking will create a problem, so do it often.

Track record of daily and weekly pre-shift truck checks, hose and pump schedule, PPE gear, annual and monthly tests, drug checks, and more are the things to consider. Take it as your responsibility of being a firefighter.

What Else Is Required? How You Can Add Life To Your Firefighting Gears?

Fig- showing tips to extend life of fire equipments and make them more durable

Start and run the fire equipment regularly as per the specifications shared by manufacturing company or NFPA. Constantly check the fluid level, engine, sirens, lights and tires and in good condition or not. If any of the things is not working, get it repaired asap. This is also necessary for power tools and gears that are less used during operation. 

Stay-Up-To-Date With Equipment Training

Every user or a team member should know the use of each gear. Company should provide proper training to make them learn how to use equipments without failing.

Schedule Inspection

Scheduling inspection everyday will help in meeting all the standards and guidelines comply with NFPA or manufacturing company. If it seems tough, you can even take assistance of professionals who are already providing such services to automate the process.

 Take Control On Incident And Handle It At Early Stage

Proper and on-time inspection does not imply you can take your equipments at servicing point once in a year. For proper inspection, you must check your equipments, apparatus, and inventory rapidly to take care of small issues as early as possible to avoid costly circumstances.

“Prevention is always better than cure,” this is true when it comes to fire rescue.

These are the tips that will help you in prolonging your fire fighting equipments life and making them more durable and easy to handle. If you have more points to share, don’t forget to mention in your comments!